Sewn Emblem of the 28th Commonwealth Brigade

Badge of the Royal Australian Regiment


Insignia of the Distinguished Unit Citation Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm

Sewn Rising Sun Emblem of the Australian Military Forces

8 RAR Submission to the South East Asia Anomalies Review , 14 Sep 99

This submission compiled by MAJ Klaus Scheuermann, edited and presented by MAJ Clive Mitchell-Taylor with the assistance of LTCOL J.O. Langtry DCM and Wilf Hedley.
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This is the unofficial site of the Eighth Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment.   Material prepared and presented by Clive Mitchell-Taylor from the following sources:
The Grey Eight in Vietnam: The History of the Eighth Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment, November 1969 to November 1970 (ed Maj Adrian Clunies-Ross),
Duty First: The Royal Australian Regiment, David Murray Horner, Allen and Unwin Australia 1990,
The Australian and NZ Defender,Managing Editor J.H. Farrell, PO Box 5765, West End, Queensland, 4101 and a variety of private sources.

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